3D racing game Driver: San Francisco has an online error

3d-racing-game_driver-san-franciscoLast week, Ubisoft, made a statement that the PC version of Driver: San Francisco do require a constant connection to Ubisoft’s servers. It doesn’t meter if you are you are playing a single-player mode or multi-player mode you still need a connection to internet to play this 3d racing game.

One of the official PC Games said that, although I think it is an game error, has seen “a clear reduction in piracy of our titles which required a persistent online connection, and from that point of view the requirement is a success.”

So, if you have a good PR and good programmers, sometimes, you can change a bad point into a really good one. If you want to read more about Driver: San Francisco 3d car game, you can check out GameSpot’s previous coverage.

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Top 5 3D racing games websites

We all agree that nowadays everyone love playing 3D racing games. That’s why we can find lots and lots of 3D car games. You can find 3D racing games on PC, on consoles, on tablets or phones and, of course, online.  The online media is growing and adapting day by day. You can find many 3D racing games on dedicated websites. Usually they are flash games or java games. Today I’m presenting my top 5 for 3D racing games websites that are developed in flash.

The sites I’ll present to you are not necessary on first page on Google or other search engines, but they do have a 3D car section or amazing 3D flash games. So, my top 5 for 3D racing online websites is:

5. BallerArcade.com – It’s a flash game portal with nice games and has a dedicated section for 3D games. Just click it and you’ll discover cool 3D games.

4. Miniclip.com – One of the most appreciated online games portal. It is a big site with thousands of games. They don’t have a dedicated section for 3D, but if you use the Miniclip.com seach tool you will find beautiful 3D racing games that you’ll play for hours.

3. Agame.com – One of the biggest online game portal from Spil Games.  In my opinion is one of  the best organizes flash game portal. Although they don’t have a 3D racing game dedicates section they do have a Racing section and you can find 3d racing game using the search tool or navigating the racing section.

2. Free-CarGames.com – A nice car dedicated website. On  this website you can find a lot o car games. I like it because it has a really nice structure and it’s easy to find a flash car game. You can find a 3D car game section and there are some good quality 3D racing games.

1. Shockwave3D.com – This is a website dedicated to 3D online games and you’ll find a Racing tab on the first page.  The website has a beautiful structure and lots of 3D flash games. You can easily browse through the games and play online.

This is my top 5 for 3D racing games websites.

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3D Pixel Racing a cool 3D racing car game

I’ve found an interesting 3D racing game the other day: 3D Pixel Racing. Yes Pixel, but in 3D. The visual are so interesting the it’s worth having a look. The 3D race game is produced by Microforum and designed for WII.

As Lucas M. Thomas said, on IGN.com, it seems a 3D pixel combined with a Mario Kart racer. It’s like you zoom in until you can see square blocks and you feel that you are there, in the middle of the game.

I like the graphics and that you have a rear mirror (one of my old obsession). The game has lots of options and there are many cars available to play with. You can make also you own customisation.

Unfortunately the game play is not impressive. But to find more details about the game and a proper 3D racing game review please click here, you’ll find the an article dedicated to 3D Pixel Racing sign by Lucas.

My conclusion is a nice 3D racing game. Have a look and enjoy!

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Free 3D Games Online

A couple posts ago I’ve wrote about one of my favorite 3D online game: Jungle Kart Island. Since then I’ve played around a little bit and I’ve notice that, speaking about online gaming, things are changing. They are changing in a better way. The 3D online games are more and more accurate and more fun. I think the industry is changing and the new version of Flash, for instance, is getting better and with this the designers and the programmers are improving the online racing games.

If you browse a little bit or search games online on a big search engine like Google, you’ll find many websites that can offer you 3D online games. Yes, there are a bunch of them that don’t have quality games and the design is not too good. But some of them are really on the subject and have quality content. My top 5 favorite racing car games portals that have also a 3D online games category are:

1. www.miniclip.com – 3d games online here

2. www.shockwave3d.com – 3d games online here

3. www.free-cargames.com – 3d games online here

4. www.gamesgames.com – 3d games online here

5. www.agame.com – 3d games online here

You’ll say that those online games website are not 3D games portals. Indeed those portal are not 3D online games dedicated portals, but I like them for the 3D game that they have and I like their structure. It’s easy to find a 3D online racing game.

If you do like other online racing websites don’t hesitate to send me an email, maybe we’ll do together a top 10. Meanwhile play on!

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Uber Racer 3D: spectacular 3D racing game for mobile

One of the most spectacular 3D racing game for mobile phone is Uber Racer 3D. The game is designed for iPhone and iPad and produced by Mad Processor. According to iTunes the game has over a million players. The game has been last updated  on 27th of May 2011 and it was released on December 16, 2010. Current version is 1.3 and the games is 286 MB.

Talking about the game play I can say is a Mad Max inspired off-road racer. The game has a nice 3D feeling and, as goyami said, a “real go-anywhere-do-anythig feel”. While driving on dirt or sand you get the impression of floating and it’s quite a challenge to keep the car on the path you want. So, this is when the fun begins, when you’ll misjudge a turn or when you’re going to hit a rock. The physics are impressive, especially when jumping and landing.

The play mode is not difficult, you just have to follow the green arrows. But, it will be more interesting to find shortcuts or slamming opponents. After all, it is a racing game without rules. To unlock powerups or upgrades you need to finish at least on 3rd place. The graphics are outstanding and the controls are accurate.

Speaking about the game features you’ll find 10 unique environments, high graphics and a 3D menu. The career mode is with 31 race days and up to 10 events. Also, you can find 4 race modes: time trial, elimination, 1 vs 1 or race. Regarding the sound is 3D too and the racing game has a realistic motor sound.


You can find a nice review on mobile3dworld.com. If you want it you can buy it from iTunes or if you have a little bit of patience, maybe at some point, from apps.androidrundown.com. You can find all the game details on the Uber Racing 3D producer web-page here.

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A 3D race game that I really like

Nowadays 3D racing games are all around us. You can play 3D car racing games on consoles (like Play Station, Nintendo or XBox), PCs, small portable game devices, smart phones, but also online.

Browsing around I’ve found one 3D race game that I really like. I’m playing the game on Free-CarGames.com, which is one of this blog’s partners. I do recommend you to have a look on this nice car game portal, you’ll find some good car games.

The game I’m talking about is Jungle Kart Island and is a 3D flash game.  The game has a beautiful 3D feeling and is suitable for kids too. The graphic is not the best I ever saw, but it is really nice for an online car game. It is friendly, colorful and full of life.  The game play is simple and, as the title say, is about a kart which you have to drive on a circuit. The circuit is placed on a jungle and isolated on an island.

Jungle Kart IslandThe game offers you 2 different play modes: race and trial.  In race mode you will race against 7 opponents and the main purpose is to finish on the first position. In trial mode you will be by yourself and the only thing to beat is the clock. You’ll have to be as fast as you can. Also, the game offers you a demo so you can see all the features and this helps you to see all the tools, like: speedometer, nitro-meter, the lap you are at and so on.

Before going into the 3D kart race game you’ll have to choose a character who’ll drive your kart. You can choose between 8 characters: Panther Boy, Lost Yeti, King Rock, The Lizard, Captain Woodchuck, The Masked Lemur, Wyld Boar or Tigro. None of this characters have a special power so all the driving skills are up to you.

What I really like about the Jungle Kart Island is the smooth driving and the good response of the kart. Also the 3D feeling is quite nice and the fact that your kart can be damaged when you crash. Another positive point is that you can change the view of the game: you can see the hole kart from behind, you can see the wheel and the front of the kart or you can see the kart from above.

A big minus is the fact that when you are in the race you don’t have a map so you can’t see where your opponents are. The other minus I’ve notice is that you don’t have a rear mirror to see the incoming racers. Maybe the biggest minus of the game is the fact that has only 1 circuit and you can’t unlock another one.


As controls: you’ll play the game using the arrows for left/right and accelerate/brake, space bar for nitro and return key (enter key)  for changing the view.

My conclusion is that Jungle Kart Island is a nice 3D racing online game and it’s a nice way to relax for 10-15 minutes. It is friendly and is not violent, so can be played by small kids too.

You can find the game on our partner site Free-CarGames.com or on:

Jungle Kart Island on BOX10.com

Jungle Kart Island on FOG.com

Jungle Kart Island on KibaGames.com


Which is your favorite 3D online racing game? One of my favorite is the one above, Jungle Kart Island!


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NFS: The Run NEW screenshots

EA is revealing new in game screenshots from Need For Speed: The Run. The new NFS looks better and more realistic.  According to EA in the new NFS will be no speed limits, no allies and no rules. Of course that you will need more than ever your driving skills and your patience.

If the dead line will be respected Need For Speed: The Run will be in stores starting with November 18th, 2011.

You can see the full  article and all the screen shots here.

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Hello 3D racing games fans!

Welcome to all 3D racing car games fans.  We start this blog to (re)discover 3D online racing car games, to talk about them and to review new 3D racing car games. Also you will find out about what we like to play,  news about our new games or about our partner’s games and, at some point, even interviews with free online car games developers. Feel free to comment and to make suggestions. Let’s start the 3D racing games blog!

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